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Balance and Simplicity

Exquisitely cultivated fruit reaches its greatest potential when allowed to be itself. Our wines are allowed to take their time through fermentation.  temperatures are kept  cool to preserve the natural essence of the fruit. After fermentation our Pinot Noir wines are laid to rest in the highest quality French oak barrels. The Pinot Noir wines are not repeatedly racked or aerated, rather they are allowed to lay peacefully in their barrels with their lees. Our Chardonnay wines are not masked with heavy oak or secondary fermentations. They are briefly aged with their lees and bottled to preserve their freshness, acidity, and balance.


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Our award-winning Pinot Noirs are crafted from fruit selected from our biodynamically farmed vineyards. The intense flavors of the fruit are accented using time-honored Burgundian techniques. Whole-cluster fermentation, sur-lie aging, and a minimalist approach leads to complex wines that carry the full expression of the fruit and the soil upon which they are grown - as Pinot Noirs should. Our Pinot Noirs have bright bouquets with hints of herbs and spice; luscious red fruit flavors reminiscent of strawberry, raspberry, dark cherry and pomegranate underlain with a black tea and tobacco notes; and a lovely balance of acid and rounded tannins. 


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Our award-winning Chardonnays are made from fruit cultivated in our biodynamically farmed vineyards. The fruit naturally presents a crisp and bright acidity that accentuates the wonderful citrus, pineapple, white peach, and honey flavors of the Chardonnay grape. We ferment in stainless steel at cool temperatures and the result is a true and beautiful expression of Chardonnay with an enticing bouquet and a pallet honed with mineral notes and sur-lie accents.


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